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Summer is Coming

If you are in Ireland this summer or planning what would you do in Dublin for free? Read this blog and discover these fun activities

“Cheers, guys!” is what you’ll hear the most around here, and not necessarily from people you know. 🙂 As soon as we land in Dublin, we realize these people are the friendliest we’ve ever met! Don’t be afraid, they don’t want anything from you. It’s just that nice, cozy feeling that they belong to a […]

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Interview with “Dublin’s Voice” accounts’ owner

Q1: What is “Dublin’s voice” account for? and is it your own account or is it one of Saudi clubs’ activities?

The Dublin’s voice is a Snapchat account which targets Saudi students in Ireland especially in Dublin. It is my personal account and has no relation with Saudi students club. I aim to make this account a significant source for all Saudi students to use currently and in the future. I believe that the knowledge is power and I have this power so I decided to share it with others.

Q2: What are you providing in this account? and what have you gained?

Basically, I am publishing all what I think is useful to students. Also, I receive their questions and try to answer them based on my experience, or re-post these questions to receive answers from the followers,  which is a good way where is a lot of people might have a similar question so the benefits will include them all.

Moreover, I present some recommended places in Ireland as you did on your blog, recommend some good Halal groceries as well as explaining the main processes that students needs like the process to have a Driving License, GINB, re-entry visa and so on.

I believe that the volunteering as a lifestyle, I do not want any financial gain from this account, it is enough for me to get a chance of helping people.

Q3: How do you manage your time between creating content for the account and your study?

In fact, it is not my only volunteering work, I am a multitasking man, I like to be responsible for something that offers a lot of help to people. I believe that with good planning and time management, plus the hard work, you could achieve your ambition and create your experiences.

Q4: What is your feature perspective of this account?

I think this account is a great way to connect with Saudi students and be a platform for all of them. I am thinking to make it non-stop information provider. When I go back to my country, I would like to pass the account for someone who is responsible, like volunteering work, and able to work on the account and make it better.

Q5: Are the recommended places around Ireland that you have mentioned in the account are organic advertising or paid ads?

As I said before I have never gained any kind of financial benefits from this account. All the ads have published in the account are 100% free supporting with real personal opinions. Students need someone honest with them because they deserve to know all these basic information and need someone guide them in their first steps to success.

Q6: How many followers have you get? and how they tend to engage with the snaps?

Until now I have about 3380 followers, they are more likely to capture snaps or re-snaps to others, and sending direct messages. They are very interactive with me in any subject I discuss, also, some of them help me in finding new information or answers to all these questions. Regarding of that, I do not publish any information until I make sure it is true and real because that will affect the account reputation.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate your help and it was nice to have a chat with you.

Good luck

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Monday! Bank Holiday

What is Bank Holiday?

Having a public holiday on the first Monday in May was only legislated in the Republic of Ireland in 1993 and became a holiday on 4 May 1994.

The holiday is nowadays related to the International Worker’s Day celebrated around the world on 1 May each year.

However, the idea of a holiday at the start of May predates any labour movement inspired event, and the traditional May Day celebrations owe a debt to the Gaelic festival of Beltane. Indeed this holiday is still called ‘Lá Bealtaine’ in Irish Gaelic.

Beltane was considered the last day of winter and was a celebration of the beginning of summer. So in a way, this modern holiday completes the circle back to the culture that first inspired it.

Schools, banks, and most businesses will be closed. Retail shops and pubs may open but with reduced hours and public transport may have restricted schedules or run a Sunday service.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 13.14.21

The content information was taken from
The featured image credit by: 
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A brief journey

Study storyThe language year 2014 -2015

It was a nice year; I was looking for discovering the city, to understand English, and to get the IELTS required score. I spend six months in Kaplan which is an English school. I learned the language basics as Grammars, sentences, verbs sense and so on there. It was a nice school I love the teachers. After that, I left to CES because it is better in IELTS classes. I learned there more about IELTS I got 5.5 in after a year. So this score gave me an acceptance in pre-masters college which provide an academic year before the Master year. You study everything in your major in general and study academic English which different than the IELTS.

Coffee-mackbookThe pre-masters year 2015 – 2016

I enjoyed this year very much because I was able to speak English very well and I have so many friends as well as I was more likely to know Dublin. I discover Ireland this year; I went to different places when I had time. Besides the works that I did in The pre-masters which was in DIFC.

I learned how the university atmosphere would be in an easy way. I had lectures and exams, and I did mini thesis 🙂 It was The nicest year because I felt I ready for any challenge and I am a successful person, and I will do it. I will get my masters and come back to my country soon.

Mackbook-cupMasters year 2016 – 2017

The harder year for me in Dublin, I felt confused and misunderstanding everything. But throughout the days, I become more understanding and knowing the instructor thanking my friends and lecturers. As I said, it is important to have friends where you are studying. They usually encourage me, call me every morning and make me strong when I feel weak.

I study MSc Digital Marketing in DCU. It is hard but it worth the hard work. I learned many think I won’t be able to learn in anywhere else. They gave me an opportunities to meet clients to access new soft wares. And to explain my idea and present my thoughts.

I believe that you need to improve your language as much as you can because in the college you will treat as a native. The lecturers will talk quickly, asking for participation in the class. As well as you have to read more in your major to reach other students knowledge. Also, You have to enjoy your language year because when you start your masters, you won’t find any enjoyment in your life except the graduation day 🙂

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Restaurants in Dublin

It Sunday you definitely feeling lazy to start a busy week, today you should treat yourself and try one of the most delicious restaurants in Dublin. You can enjoy visiting these restaurants or order online as there are many apps for this purpose you can visit my other post about The most important apps if you live in Ireland

Below some famous restaurants around the world which based in Dublin:


For breakfast

logo ladureeLaduree

It is a well-known cafe which has Paris style and offering a most delicious macaron in the world. As well as the luxury service and decoration. It located in the city center in Dublin around other stores. Location : Maps-icon

queen logoQueen of Tarts:

If you are looking for delicious Cakes, Cupcakes, Tarts, or any other bakery or sweets. You can also have a soup or a sandwich in an Irish way.  Location: Maps-icon

For lunch

Cedat tree logoThe Cedar Tree:

This restaurant is in the city center where offering Lebanon food, in my opinion, it is the tastiest one in Dublin. Also, Do not its Shawerma if it your Favorite 🙂 Location: Maps-icon

Screenshot 2017-04-09 04.52.26Passion 4 food:

It is a small restaurant around the city center, it serves a Halal food with cheap price. It is your choice when you are very hungry and broken. Location: Maps-icon

For dinner


This is the best restaurants ever – for me – I really enjoy it, as it is a self-serve restaurant and you will get a free refill for your soft drink. Do not forget to try all the sauce there you will love it. Location Maps-icon



They really make the most delicious burger ever. Also, they have modern decoration and class view to the street. As well as, you will feel full when you finish your meal. Location: Maps-icon

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How To Enjoy Studying !

Everyone has its own way to enjoy studying – some prefer no to enjoy at all – I would like to share with you, my own way. I hope many people found this blog fun and beneficial.


Organize time

I love organizing things, and I feel released when everything is as I have planned, so planning and organizing my studying is my way to enjoy. It is important and fun at the same time. Important for you as a student to be on time for your classes, group meetings, extra lectures, and your study plan. I believe that if a student does not set a study plan, he/she will struggle to pass.



Having a planner is the first step to the organization world, well it would make you feel safe and independent, you do not need your friends to remind you about tomorrow exam or submission. I think organizing the time determines the difference between a successful person and a failure. The common denominator between successful people is their ability to balance goals and duties, and this can be achieved only through manage their time successfully.

plan table


However, I have made many materials that would help you all to organize your time easily. There are 3  tables, first one for Assignments, the second on for the whole semester, And the final one is a weekly planner. It is up to you how you would like to organize your time, daily, weekly, monthly and so on. If you want these table without any designing you can find them here (plain Table) which were taken from Sara Laughed blog

The interesting point is, there are many blogs provide planning tables or designing planner, you will enjoy browsing them and print all these paper and start to organize yourself. For example:

Screenshot 2017-03-25 00.29.05

Eliza’s blog:

She has a lot of tables and lists in very cute design, you can go through them and choose whatever you like and print them. which all FREE.


floral calender

blooming homestead

I felt in love in her blog as she designs beautiful floral calendars and tables. She is amazing, and she was doing that from 2012.

Screenshot 2017-03-25 01.16.49

blisty blog

This blog provides many different types of calendars, note, organizing lists, tables and many other things you have to look at them



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Top 10 Places To Visit in Ireland


Adventure Park (Zipit)

Zipit Forest Adventures has secured a license with Coillte in this place you can try an amazing adventure day, where you can climb and challenge your fear and expert the zip line adventure. You can have this experience in Dublin, Cork, and Roscommon.

Book Now 


Age 15+                 €29.00

Age 12 – 14 Years €24.00

Age 9 – 11 Years  €22.00

Age 7 – 8 Years    €15.00

For More information:





Malahide Castle and Gardens

Malahide is located North Dublin. It is one of the most beautiful place in Dublin. Malahide is a historical place. You can enjoy walking or cycling around the castle and its garden. Also, you can go inside the castle and enjoy listening the stories which happened there before over 800 years, or you can visit the museum and have a lovely lunch in Malahide restaurants beach. The prices are reasonable, and the village is amazing Book now!

For More information:

f_icon-svg 925898b903a4d9182622fda48f870f66_welcome-to-our-room-with-a-twitter-logo-clipart-png_1139-926 Maps-icon




There are many of water sports in Dublin because of the exciting of Liffey River. Kayaking is one of the famous sport where you can do it in the rivers. It is safety and enjoyable experiences you will rent the suit and have a guide if it your first time. There are many ways to Kayak in Liffey River and the prices are regarding the website. So please have a look to these websites to choose whatever suits you.

City Kayaking 

Kayaking Dublin 



Vikings splash tour

It is a unique experience to discover Dublin by land and on water. Join Viking Splash Tours on a thrilling tour around the main sights of Dublin City – by land and water! Let the Vikings show you the sites and scenes of the capital city from a World War II amphibious vehicle – all whilst our Viking guides deliver an informative, entertaining and engaging commentary, ensuring all are captivated on this thrilling tour. Book now

Prices for groups:

  • Adults (10+ people) €20
  • Students/OAPs (10+ people) €18
  • Teens (10+ people) €15
  • Kids (10+ people)  €10

For more information:

f_icon-svg maps-icon




Bray is a coastal town in north County Wicklow, Ireland. It is small beautiful town. There you can spend a day with group or partner enjoying these activities:

Killegar Stables

The Cliff Walk

Feed the swans in Bray Harbour

Mermaid Arts Centre

Bray Adventures

Sea Life Bray – Ireland’s Leading Aquarium

Try a Round of Golf

Killruddery House & Gardens

Bray Bowl

Horse Riding


For more information:



Dún Laoghaire

Dún Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leary) is a beautiful small town close to Dublin, only 12km from the city centre. Located at the South East of the Capital, it’s the perfect place to escape from the noise of the city to have a breath of fresh air! With a short Dart ride (where you can enjoy a nice view) you can reach this lovely place in under 20 minutes. The harbour and the blue sea are the first things you notice when you arrive.

The activity you can do in Dún Laoghaire:

For more information:

f_icon-svg 925898b903a4d9182622fda48f870f66_welcome-to-our-room-with-a-twitter-logo-clipart-png_1139-926




Trinity Library 

Trinity is The oldest university in Ireland what was founded in 1592. It is the mother of knowledge for Ireland education communities. Also, it is an attractive place for tourist and the dream university for many students. Trinity has its attractive old buildings as well as its library which contains over 200000 books – some of which are very valuable original books that give us an insight into academic life in Ireland and Britain at that time, Honestly, People often associate Harry Potter with Trinity Library too, but in this case Harry Potter was actually based on a library in Cambridge, England. They are certainly very similar as you can see from the photos.

The book of Kells

Trinity Gifts Shop

Conferences & Events 

Restaurant & Cafes 

Social Gallery 

Zoological museum 

Guided Tours 

For more information:





Phoenix Park

Phoenix park is the biggest park in European city, it was originally established as a Royal deer park in the 17th century. About 30% of the Phoenix Park is covered by trees, which are mainly broadleaf parkland species such as oak, ash, lime, beech, sycamore and horse chestnut. You can many enjoy a sunny day in Phoenix Park doing many activities starting with walking around, visit the Dublin Zoo, cheapest place for cycling (5Eur/ hour), Seeing the natural habitats for the Deers, and taking pictures, and enjoy the views and the weather in lovely café.




The place where you can race 1km purpose built track, which is also fully flood lit for night racing.It is located 5 mins from Dublin airport and 20 mins from the City Centre with great transport links. You can have fun and safe race as the staff is fully trained. So book now by email  or call 0035318426144

Opening hours:

11am – close Monday – Friday

10am – close Saturday – Sunday

Please note they can open later upon

Prices (16+)

30 mins: €35

25 mins: €30

20 mins: €25

15 mins: €20

If you like more extreme sports in Ireland visit this website 


For more information

f_icon-svg 925898b903a4d9182622fda48f870f66_welcome-to-our-room-with-a-twitter-logo-clipart-png_1139-926




Tayto Park 

An attractive place for all ages which offer a huge variety of things to see, do and experience. In Tayto Park you can try many of fun activities some of them are free with the entry ticket, click on the activity to know more:

5D Cinema The Zip-Line Extreme
Tayto Sky Walk Power Surge 
Extreme Climbing Wall Superhero Training Wall
Mr.Tayto’s Pony Rail  Crispy Creek Mining Company
Playground and water fun Air Jumpers

Book now 


For more information:

real-estate 925898b903a4d9182622fda48f870f66_welcome-to-our-room-with-a-twitter-logo-clipart-png_1139-926 instagram-logo-png-transparent-background-download f_icon-svg